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The amount I learnt from Donald Moore on the subject of business opportunities and about the people who search magazines and all kinds of internet sources for such adverts was to say the very least both tremendous and incredible. Using my publication “Antiques for Japan” as a guide, to illustrate his point, Donald highlighted as to why the book was not selling to the antique trade. He actually defined the publication to me as being exactly what people were looking for in the field of business opportunities. He also was adamant that such people would consider it as not only an incredible challenge, but also a genuine chance to improve themselves financially and at the same time conducting one of the most impressive and high class luxury business opportunities of all time.

One more with youngest son stealing the scene. Today he is taller than me and is the computer engineer for Knoll House Interforum and self employed as and he is still smiling.

Taking this advice most seriously and placing the publication in front of the business opportunities market the sales of this money making manual boomed. This, of course, was no surprise to Donald and he used examples of this in his magazine. In turn this resulted in his readership sending many letters to him as the editor asking for more “Mr Salesmanship” stories, publications and business opportunities. To some extent the effect was though as I had stepped from the darkness into the sunlight. Because of this a readership for this new author of business opportunities sprang up almost from nowhere and “Mr Salesmanship” was set in stone.

By now Donald had begun spending even more time with me both at my address and at his. I remember one of the meetings resulting in Donald instructing me with regard to un-solicited testimonial letters. These I had always considered as simple thank you notes and really I had never given thought to the importance of them. Even though I had already received a huge volume of such, it had never occurred to me to file or keep them. This was simply one more item that I was completely unfamiliar with being such a newcomer to the incredible world of business opportunities.

I came to realise, with the help of Donald Moore, that business opportunities for the main part had never been mixed with the force known as human motivation. I also saw the magic that could be provided by closely relating these propositions. In this vein both Donald and I saw the results of doing exactly this. First of all in his magazine “The Entrepreneur” and then with the volume of sales my publications attained. But most importantly from the demand the business opportunities public created for more titles, advice and suggestions relating to the now improved subject.

I have always taken the position that having learnt something meaningful from a person then to some extent I have a debt to them. To satisfy this obligation as I saw it, I agreed to write an number of articles for Donald Moore's publication “The Entrepreneur”. The first title I choose was “Cash money and a profit everywhere you look”. A story taken from many years earlier in my life when, quite literally, I had found instant profits in a business easily conducted by any one who had personal transport. I followed this title a month later with “What's so difficult about earning money”. Continuing the theme my third article for the following month became “Earn your fortune selling the good of others”.

Around this point in time, the response in my life to having entered the published world of business opportunities was enormous in fact I should say overpowering. As a result of my articles in Donald's publication, the letters to the editor and to “Mr Salesmanship” increased in volume to such an extent that it was becoming an ever growing problem to cope with them all.

By now my interpretation of the business opportunities market was starting to take a different route to Donald's magazine. I realised that the articles I was writing for this monthly publication were literally lasting only thirty days before being thrown away. I came to realise that the only way to give these tremendous articles the immortality that they deserved was to publish them as individual books, which could be distributed to the business opportunities market for years to come as indeed the original first publication “Antiques for Japan” had been.

Once I had taken the decision to write individual books based upon my business opportunities, I also gave thought to including a little of what I would at that time have referred to as ‘get up and go’. Today of course we know that style or inclusion that went with my writing to be more properly referred to as motivation.

From the word go these publications were quickly sold. By the time I had written my fourth book my readership was demanding of me far more than I had ever thought to expect. I thought I had made it clear in various leaflets, other booklets etc, which accompanied each publication that far more were to come in the list of titles. Certainly my greatest surprise came from the number of people requesting personal interviews or private tuition, regarding the opportunity shown to them in the publication they most appreciated.

It has long been said that behind every successful man there is a good woman. In my case she preferred to be referred to as a girl - Rosa, my secretary and confident for 25 years as I moved through the world of self-employment to the position this photograph series depicts.

Reginald Gee Senior Ltd was quite literally created as an offspring to motivate the agents taking part in the oil painting business. It was not until I addressed the problem of increasing the potential of the agents that I myself came to realise just how involved I had become over the years. How my level of motivation had rendered me capable of imparting the inspiration to others thereby raising the capability of all concerned. Promoting my title character “Mr Salesmanship” into star ranking being the first motivator ever to mix business opportunities with a light weight yet most understandable system of human motivation readily understood by child, adult, male or female in the history of self employment.

To say, that during the l980's I went through a tremendous learning curve with regards not only to the market of business opportunities, but also and probably far more importantly was the amount I learnt about human motivation. Quite naturally, I always thought that if any one could be introduced to a pleasant and profitable pastime this would become a part time occupation for them or even a second income. I was also naive enough to believe that if someone could be shown a true successful, proven, full time business opportunity that they would at the very least do something about adopting it. However, all of this is so far from the truth with regards to the vast majority of those who could be so much more rewarded by daring to be different.

Certainly, for me at least it is very difficult to understand why when someone is shown a gold mine, they wont dig. Yet, it is so. In the history of gold strikes all around the world it has been the larger organisations who have bought up the holdings of the simple man, simply because he has not been well enough motivated to do any more than scratch around the surface, or pan the easy to reach stream.

Certainly, it sounds incredible to realise that few grasp the opportunity they seek simply because, they do not recognise it. Possibly, an easier comparison to this metaphor would be to remark on the famous franchise ‘McDonalds’ if you were to examine the history behind this company you would see exactly the illustration.

There are many comparisons and it is simply a matter of which one a person is able to recognise or associate themselves with. Suppose I was to give you as a present a small plant which grew paper money as leaves. Would you at least water this plant? Believe it or not most would not. They would simply pull off the leaves and spend them, until the plant died. Few would in fact water it, and even fewer people would ever give thought to cultivating it, using plant food. Culturing it as it grew, and taking cuttings to further plant and propagate so that the end result was complete financial freedom.

I know it must sound somewhat strange to hear a motivational expert relate stories that for the main part highlight the negative. Until people realise fully the detraction from the possible that negative action creates, then in the sense of the real world they simply cannot think far enough forward, for their own benefit.

Certainly, these thoughts are not easily understood unless once again we refer to them by example. Allow me to illustrate this thought with something you probably already know at least part of the story, that being the goose that laid the golden egg. Most people realise that somewhere along the line the goose that laid the golden egg was killed. Do you know the story? Most don't even though they heard it as a child, its simple enough the owner of the goose that laid the golden egg could not wait for it to lay a second one. He in fact killed it, and sliced it open to find if a second lay within it. Of course it didn't. If in fact he had fed and looked after the goose it would have laid golden eggs for the rest of its life.

This story is in fact based upon a Greek fable, which must indicate to us that there is nothing unusual about people not recognising the chance that occasionally life puts before them. The sad reality is even more than this because, business opportunities have been occurring since man was able to stand and walk. What's, more they will continue to do so and probably only be recognised by those of us who are truly looking for them and not merely giving them lip service.