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At this point, I would ask the reader to remember that the oil painting business was in fact only one of my many businesses. It was however, the only one where a large number of other people which I termed as agents were involved. Having said that during the mid 1980s for another of my businesses I had to take a world trip which involved me visiting Las Vegas, Nevada, as I journeyed completely round the globe. Whilst I was in this remarkable American location, that incidentally is the only spot on earth visible for its manmade illumination at night by the naked eye from the surface of the moon. By way of entertainment, I visited the evening show of the famed pianist Liberace at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, which was the most regular venue held by this incredible entertainer who entitled himself “Mr Showmanship”. Although I had seen this man on British television on numerous occasions, he was never a particular favourite of mine. I suppose that its true of many entertainers that they have to be seen in live performance to fully appreciate their work. This certainly must have been so for Liberace and I enjoyed his act tremendously, especially the way he manipulated his audience with regard to having them visit his own museum. All of this certainly made me think at the time that he had chosen the correct title under which he worked. Allowing what I'd seen to turn over in my mind, together with my thoughts of motivating others for their own self-betterment at the time literally my oil painting agents. The thought came to mind that for my motivational presentation for the oil painting seminar after lunch, as I have mentioned before, when I had put on all my own display of self-betterment, I would be announced as “Mr Salesmanship”. I would quite literally sell the idea of self-improvement to the seminar's audience so that it may benefit them by increasing their personal performance.

It was at this time I had little or no indication of just how far forward on many business fronts using the title “Mr Salesmanship” would propel me. As a result I would feature in many advertisements of self-employment, participate in entrepreneurial magazines and even be offered a biographical history to date, by a British Member of Parliament.

The number of this corniche drophead was the trading name under which all my small businesses traded 'Knoll House Group'. In the early 1960's I tried to tell people about the investment potential of car numbers, few listened. Today the numbers from these cars alone would buy a house.

However, not to get too far ahead of my story as “Mr Salesmanship” for the benefit of my now over twelve hundred agents for the oil painting business. The segment I mentioned earlier for the oil painting seminars, which included a motivational section, had now grown in demand to the extent that caused me to offer full day tuition based on nothing other than the subject of personal human motivation, as I “Mr Salesmanship” interpreted the subject. Quite literally, I found not only a considerable audience for my own interpretation of human motivation, but also, I was, and indeed still am, highly motivated myself by the fact that my words and the way that I interpret this complex subject falls so very well upon the human ear. Either the reader or the listener readily understands it as I have the natural talent and ability of being able to simplify and explain this all-embracing human ability to either my readership or listeners.

The title “Mr Salesmanship” I choose quite literally, because I liked it. It suited me. It was also well suited to the oil painting business as the trade featured the retail sale of oil paintings to the retail public. Whilst many did not consider themselves sales people, it was relatively simple to show them that they in fact were. To be able to further show them how to increase their performance by increasing their desire for the material things in life, more, a better situation within the world in which they lived.

I was well aware at the time “Mr Salesmanship” was not totally suited to the new business I now registered as a limited company - Reginald Gee Senior Limited. I was quite well aware that by and large, people are frightened of salesmen; even those who are some form of salesperson most generally repudiate or deny the fact. If this statement is not easily understood then I will clarify the matter to those of you who find difficulty in understanding it, in a later publication. To be even upon the brink of some form of understanding with regards to human motivation a person must be able to see that a clergyman sells the religion or the order to which he belongs. A doctor sells medicines by prescription for all major suppliers. Teachers sell you education. All people have the ability to sell themselves, if not, no one would have any friends or even family. This is, of course, very advanced thinking in regard to human life, but necessary if you are to understand it. If you are to follow this thought - every one has within them the ability of sales, for if this were not so there would be no unions between humans of any kind. For now I will repeat what I said previously, that being that *** if you need more explanation upon this topic I will be happy to do so at a later date ***. But for now it is the best explanation I can offer you as to why, on the formation of Reginald Gee SNR Limited I chose to keep to the title of “Mr Salesmanship” rather than using any other name, title, or description, by which to show people how they could improve their whole life.