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As agents visited our premises daily I spoke to many of them only to come to realize that they did not have personal ambitions big enough in the first place. I found it difficult to understand why, when people had been literally shown a gold mine that they would not dig! I quickly came to realise that I had only two choices left available to me. If I wanted to increase the size of this incredible business, I had either to get better or should I say, more ambitious agents, or I had to increase the ambitions and prospects of my existing agents. By this time, I had almost twelve hundred agents selling oil paintings throughout the British Isles and some into Europe. We had been conducting introduction seminars for the oil painting business for approximately two years at this point in time. My disappointment with the agents volume of sales was not particularly based on my own needs for their extra performance, far more that I was concerned as to why a person did not wish to earn more when it was so incredibly easy to do so.

It was at this point in time I first thought of writing a book, which would outline how to think a little bigger, how to dream a little more, how to aspire to become a wealthier person living better and fulfilling the desires that most humans could have if they put their minds to it. For in this instance, the vehicle to carry them to their dreams was in their hands because of the business opportunity the oil paintings provided and recognition of what it could mean to them needed outlining as a motivational work. Simply to inspire them to their own potential in the business they were already in!

The purpose of this shot was an attempt to show that whatever else I have acheived I have not become a snob. Rolls Royce Motors kindly furnished the overalls. This photo was taken in my own garage at Knoll House and on one occassion held five of these cars without a problem owing to its size. Today it houses a full fim studio.

The results of my thinking carried me forward to look, in fact to find out if there were already in existence books of the type that I had thought of writing. I was 36 years old at this time and financially recognised as a millionaire even though I, myself had never encountered any form of motivational training other than my own personal ambitions and desires. I was quite amazed at the time to find there were indeed quite a number of books covering the subject of human motivation. These books were designed for people who had never previously encountered the subject and were written in a manner, which would introduce to them gradually the possibility open to anyone becoming a student of the subject. Books such as these would enlighten these people for their own self-awareness towards the opportunity now in their hands.

After discovering that the subject of human motivation was available in book form, I read quite a number of them, so that I could find one or possibly two which were at the time most applicable to the subject in hand. Books that would assist me to show my ever growing numbers of agents just exactly what the possibilities of this incredible business could mean to them, if they applied proven principles that govern human motivation just as surely as the laws of gravity. In fact, I would spend many years bringing these facts to the attention of my many students as “Mr Salesmanship”.

During the introduction seminar to the oil painting business, which was a full day event, the morning of which explained the business and all avenues of marketing in detail. The delegates had the opportunity to view the business and its potential and come to some basic ideas of what it could mean to them. It was at this point that we broke for lunch during this break I would disappear to a room within whichever hotel we were conducting the venue. Put on a silk suit, handmade shoes - quite literally the very best of my clothing - and an array of personal jewellery many of the rings containing diamonds. I guess to some extent I made quite a spectacle of myself, but this was all in an effort to make the delegates of the seminar open their minds to realise the potential that was quite literally staring them in the face as a result of attendance. The first few occasions that I did this, I simply walked out into the speakers area of the seminar room after lunch to tell all the delegates what they were looking at. Opening their eyes to the potential by illustrating one agents results in comparison with another and what it meant to be able to set financial goals as opposed to just working haphazardly in the business. This talk in its early form lasted approximately one hour concluding with my recommendation of two titles of motivational books that met with my full approval with regards to the subject.

Introduction seminars for the oil painting business were held in top class hotels all round the UK. Seminar attendance was increasing not only for the subject of the oil paintings, but also as I came to find out there were people coming along simply for the motivational talk that had actually been recommended to do so by some of the well known multi-level marketing operations of the day.