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In order that the reader may fully benefit form the story of how I came to take up the title “Mr Salesmanship”, I need to take you back to the time when I discovered personal motivation and goal setting quite by accident. At the time, I really had little idea of the magic that I had come upon which I was applying to my life. As time went on many people around me made comments about my clothing, cars, and the amount of money that I was able to spend on my family and myself. Possibly, the reason that I took so little notice of what others around me were saying was because deep down I really knew that they could do just the same if they ever wanted to. Basically, I never realised that these people, in actual fact, had never got to this position in life of literally 'wanting' to, more simply or correctly termed as motivated.

As time went by and my cars became more incredible with personalised registration numbers, as well as quite a number of vehicles at the same time. Further add to this the purchase of my fine home. I was still unable to fully understand why others made so many silly remarks. For example, the most regular comment I heard was “I wish I was a pound behind you”. These kinds of comments are in fact extremely negative. It is only when they are examined in the full light of a human motivation study - such as now conducted by Knoll House Interforum - that lessons may be taken from such comments. To illustrate this negativity that one must shrug off if it is to be replaced with the positive mental attitude that quite literally guarantees success to all that learn the subject or better termed as embrace it. Greater explanation of this will be featured in future DVDs, CDs, etc, as the interforum progresses. For now, however, I must come to the part of the story that caused me to pick up the title “Mr Salesmanship”.

This photo was taken to be the lead shot in a series designed to show the results of my applied motivational system which under the title 'Mr Salesmanship' I teach to others whose goal in life is the acheivement of personal wealth.

I had been self-employed since I was 22 years old. Quite a number of my businesses had employed several people. Although I was running several small businesses of my own, I had never had reason to employ masses of the general public in any one of these enterprises. Therefore, it wasn't until I threw the doors open to the general public looking for people wanting to earn a little or even a lot more money than their present income. I came to realise that by and large although many may talk of earning greater incomes, the simple truth is that the public is well satisfied by what they already have. If this seems to be a statement that you cannot agree with, then please allow me to continue with the story that caused me to take up the title “Mr Salesmanship”, just so I could show others the opportunities in life right under their very nose's.

My many business interests cause me to regularly visit Hong Kong. Whereupon I found a flourishing cottage industry producing hand painted oil paintings on canvas. These came in a wide variety of subjects and sizes, the quality of which was remarkable. The price at which the artists were selling these canvasses was so cheap that the possible profit margins for a well-organised sales programme, was to say the very least incredible. To this end, I purchased a large quantity of samples and shipped them back to Great Britain, whereupon I decided not to retail them myself. Instead, I created a system of agents correctly mounting, framing and distributing these paintings as the result of fifteen different pre set marketing programmes.

To announce this incredible business opportunity, I held my first ever recruitment seminar to locate retail distributors of the most profitable and trouble free business opportunity imaginable. The possibilities which were so very obvious to me at the time caused me to locate this function in a very upmarket hotel in Bradford. It was at this location that I was to learn my first big lesson, on how difficult it is to put money or business opportunities in front of the general public.

It is at this part of the story you need to follow the detail more closely and learn by my mistakes, as indeed I had to. For this first ever recruitment seminar we advertised in all major and local newspapers, the biggest mistake of all was that I made attendance of this seminar free. I had four different phone numbers advertised, these lines being answered by members of my own staff. Although there were endless phone calls because the seminar was free there was no commitment generated for attendance. Although food and drink was provided for the occasion without any charge the number of people in attendance for this, the first showing of the business opportunity was most disappointing. It was also my first personal lesson in the motivational level of the general public.

After the event, as with all sales meetings, we literally had to hold what we would call a post mortem, in other words, a debriefing session to see what went wrong, especially regarding attendance figures. It was of course immediately obvious that the fact it was free to attend that the general public thought that it could not be very much good. Most people judge the quality of any item not so much by its touch, feel or smell, but in fact by its price. So on many occasions it the item with a larger price that is seen to be the quality item because of its price. With this in mind, we re-advertised the same seminar making the seating cost approximately the figure of a weeks wage for the average workingman. As a result, the seminar room was virtually full or prospective agents. It was at this point we were able to introduce a business opportunity, marketing fine hand painted oils on canvass. A product which had no service requirements, no breakdowns and was not subject to fashion. Quite literally all the product had to do was to fill the eye of the beholder and then decorate wall space. However, my learning curve on the subject of providing the British public with a tremendous business opportunity had in fact only just begun. As we signed up the agents and they took and distributed the product in their own areas, using any of the fifteen marketing plans, highlighted during the seminars. I was to find that in virtually every instance the agents were not selling the number of oil paintings possible, nor were they earning the figures of money per week or per month that now not only was possible, but in fact was quite easy. It was at this point in time that I had to ask myself what was going on, why would these agents not make hay whilst the sun shines, or so to speak.