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From the writer who show’s you “how”

Practically every book ever written in its base manuscript form is an idea or a theme (the essentials) it is then extended or ‘filled’ with extra words, together with a range of repeats. Often these are further examples continuing the baseline which the book is pursuing. This is done not only to make its contents more understandable, but also so that the end product looks and indeed is more for your money.

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Now that at first may sound some what unbelievable, but tell anyone the story, or content of any book you read. No way will you relay all the detail involved in its pages, but instead just the “bones” or the essential parts of the text to your listener.

In my special eBook “The Magic Circles” I put the baseline theme the original idea, of one of the most famous self-help books of all time, with sales of almost four million copies (“The lazy mans way to Riches”) on to less than one of its pages. In other words I condensed it back to its original I could even say, simple idea upon which it was created. That was then ‘filled’ to make it into an immensely saleable book. That satisfied the huge number of readers the purchasers of the completed work, at its price.

This special writing “GOALS” which I refer to as a paper, is not a book nor is it an encyclopaedia; think… first of all as to how this writer can put the facts in to simple readable language or terms, as indeed I have done in every book, work or paper I have ever written, during the past more than thirty years, as a business opportunities writer.

Having established that thought, now try to visualise if the ‘bones’ the essentials, of not only every self-help book, but also those of every major best selling motivational book. Were to be condensed, all of them into just the one easily understandable no frills writing – then adding still further to those thoughts – Think what a work such as this could mean if it was done especially for you personally, seen from your point of view. What then would you have?

The answer would be, this paper “GOALS” the no flares, no frills, boiled down to basic truth about who you are. Most importantly of all whom you could become – if you truly want to do so in terms of personal success, earnings or indeed wealth. So that you with the knowledge of where to start and how to proceed could fill your life with excitement, motion and pleasure – leaving boredom and mundane behind, with those who dare not read it.

You know that success no matter what you see that to be, is firstly being in the right place at the right time. As indeed all who have ever found it will confirm. The real secret though is in the actual knowing when you are ‘there’… in the right place. Only few ever do realise this at the time, far more look back years later, recognising what they missed, with deep and lasting regrets.

The simple fact is that all people (including you) walk right past opportunity and fail to see it as such, time and time again. As with anything else this sad mistake will continue happening. Right up to the day it becomes not only very much more important to them, but until they make the finding of success a specific “Goal” in their life to aim for.


Nothing is hard or even difficult to those who know exactly “how” The fact that you already know this short statement to be so. Is all the proof you will ever need, that you yourself only require knowing, the “how” and here is the chance to take part in this known fact, to become that you want to be. Can you handle it though is another question.

Dare to be Different

Read “Goals”

By the most accomplished self-help writer of all “Time”

Who can show you “How” having done so for many others

Reginald Gee Snr

‘How’ much is a copy of this eBook you call a paper, did you ask. OK, well first let me tell you this. Well before I was twenty years old I discovered how to work part time for myself, along side my regular job, to more than double what I earned at that time. I then learnt how to become a true ‘Goal’ setter, to keep on doubling what I did.

Let me introduce you to ‘The Ladder of Success’

By the age of twenty two having worked since school for what is regarded as full time, for several different major companies and employers. I moved into what had previously been my personal hobby (and part time job) full time. At that time by my so doing, then achieving a personal income more than double that working for a so called ‘job’ in just one week. More important to this was as my own boss in my own business, every thing I did to expand this operation increase my earnings, not that of others.

Through the years of being twenty five to twenty nine, as I introduced many new ideas into this operation my income rose constantly and dramatically. To the extent I could have purchased a new Jaguar motor car each nine weeks, of that period in time had I wished to do so! Instead I bought my large, twenty two room home in ten acres of its own land; with fields, woods and stream.

From my thirtieth birthday to my fiftieth, I created many more small enterprises. All of which had the common theme of pennies start and high returns. Then with the money generated from these, I took to the air and circled the globe, many times each of those years. As the world spun in its own gravity, so did I. Building up to earning what many would consider being a life time’s wage, every single time I flew. It was during these years that I first commenced the teaching of others to show them also how to do something similar. If it should be they wanted to take part in what I could only describe as an entrepreneurs step by step adventure. This I did through a series of nine books (the ‘Behind the Scenes’ series) plus a wide range of live seminars, based on the titles all aimed as training courses for those who would like to know ‘how’ to follow my footsteps, to wealth.

See Mr Salesmanship website www.mrsalesmanship.com for an indication of the footsteps you could follow yourself.

This was followed by the time I personally looked upon as my middle age. Those were the years around and though the turn of the century, to this now the twenty first. A period of semi-retirement, by this time all the ‘Goals’ I ever set for myself had been achieved. This twenty year period was in effect what could be seen as a comfort zone. Although I still sought the more specialised high return, short term ventures, of which there are many.

These whilst being simple to perform, all are based on minimum investment with extremely high returns none of which are related to any form of investment market, share dealing or silly get rich quick nonsense of any kind. Also being that as all these forms of business are far from common knowledge or indeed practice. Then they require not only the example but also the highlight of individual tuition for complete clarity. Only possible as a result of two way conversation made available by my latest series of one on one personal class, for the total understanding of them. There is of course no form of contact substitute for this level of personal education, in any field of human endeavour.


To give you some insight to just how far, having personally done so myself, I can teach you to ascend the ‘ladder of success’. Right now as once again I approach my Halloween birthday (see copyright for date) I am on the trial of £1m, net profit from the purchase and sale of one single artwork. The money no longer matters to me; just the ‘buzz’ I will get from this alone will be my super birthday present from me to me for my seventieth birthday.


If you can earn just one pound (£1) by yourself, or if you prefer the term self-employed, then you could earn one million and I will show you ‘how’ as I have many others.

Read “Goals” it is worth every penny that you could ever imagine being yours, and at only £49.97 if you dare to do so; you will never make a better investment in yourself.

For many all of this will just be too good to be true, and there’s nothing I can do about that kind of thinking. Because there will always be those who miss the boat all life long, for no other reason than that attitude. Right here is your ticket to the rare knowledge few will ever find, yet all look for, calling others that do locate it ‘lucky’

There’s nothing difficult about earning money, as with anything else you could also do – when you know ‘how’ The fact you already know this statement to be so, should already be all the proof of it you need, if you ever decide, or have the ‘balls’ to put the theory in to practice yourself.

Think on this… all people come to a time in their life, when they look back over the past. To say with hindsight what they should or could have done, if they had but known or thought a little more of their future. There’s truly a lot of such people, there of course always will be. Right now you are faced with the fact that with this paper “GOALS” for less than the price of fifty pounds. Which only comes down to the cost of a good night out, you don’t need to be one of them, for very much longer.


Yet so few people will actually look through the window of opportunity, to invest in the one person who could… in fact the only person who should change their lives – that being themselves by parting with so little to gain so very much.

Most live in strange hope for someone else to do it for them… they in fact wait forever, the only plan for the future they undertake with any enthusiasm being to write a detailed will, a plan of action for dying!


Ladies and gentlemen I give you “GOALS” not only the best work I have written to date – but the very best of it’s kind in it’s subject ever undertaken worldwide.

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This unique eBook can be yours for the incredible low price of £49-97 post free.



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