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This four CD audio set comes in 15 parts with instructive introduction and an epilogue of forthcoming products - many of which are in the studio right now and will shortly become available on Knoll House Interforum's product page.

Reg holding the 1001 Business Opportunities book

1001 business opportunities may sound an ambitious title, it is not. Chosen most carefully for the student who can listen and act upon it, then its number title is quite literally impossible, because there is many more than that simple number. This is a disc set you will need to listen to many times to get the benefit of its full message.

Anyone looking to earn a little more than they do at present at the very least has ambition, even if at the present time it is only in a small amount. At least they have it. This disc set 1001 Business Opportunities will show you how to improve your thinking and almost put a map in your hands, to which you yourself will mark the spot, the x upon the map by listening to your disc set the second time with pen and paper to hand.

The only difference between myself and all the other children I went to school with is that I wanted more of the trappings of life. I still did this through my early 20ís. When people round me wanted to know how I did as I did what did I do to earn a living many would ask, in the streets of the UK and almost everywhere else in the world that I travelled.

The secret, if secret it be, is just simply as I think. Itís all the way through this latest CD and all over both websites, itís not difficult, just a matter of do you want some or not. Think your way to the wealth you want.

1001 Business Opportunities
A CD production from Knoll House Interforum

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